Dangers of Cloud Computing Continue

To Cloud or Not to Cloud. That is the Question!

How many times have you heard that cloud computing is safe? Does it make you more paranoid? Some say "yes it does". We say, "with good reason".

We all know that using the cloud means that your private data that was once on your network now roams the Internet in all directions. We also know that the cloud operators say it is all safe, encrypted and hacker-proof, however, they leave out one key issue. At some point your data will be on a server that is stacked up with other's data as well, unencrypted!

It is inevitable! Data has to be decoded in order to be processed. The level of decoding varies depending on whether you are just using encoded block transfer, or if you are actually manipulating the data as well.

Why would you use a remote hard drive when a local SAN is cheaper than it ever has been. You can store petabytes of data right on your own network. Storage is so cheap and so dependable now that we throw into question why you would want to depend on your single wire to the Internet and a vast selection of unknown paths to your data somewhere out there. Somewhere way out there as a matter of fact.

We think that cloud computing is a dangerous path as anything can happen to your data. It can be lost, stolen, damaged, redirected, manipulated en-route and countless other things can happen when your local connection to the Internet becomes unstable.

Sure the cloud serves us well as a content delivery method, where we can bring non-critical and public data to the end-user quickly and more efficiently, but putting your IT department out there makes very little sense at all.

An hour where your workers are twiddling their thumbs will cost you a lot more than you will save. Things like remotely hosted email where you have no control over filtering and have to jump through hoops to get a blocked email cleared do not bode well for the industry either.

Let's say you run an ESCO where customer contact is required by law, and your email blocks them. If the server were on premises the fix would be instant, but out in the cloud this can take days to resolve. That $11,000 fine per occurrence might burn a little, but perhaps you'll be lucky. Perhaps not and you'll go out of business.

All this because you wanted to save a dollar? We think the cloud will continue strong for delivery, but for real customer service, employee work stability and data protection, the old fashioned server will continue to reign for the foreseeable future.

Give us your thoughts..

Posted on 3 Apr 2014, 11:54 - Category: Cloud Computing
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Three, just a number..

In the past weeks we have lost a few big stars many of us grew up with, among them, Shirley Temple.

Today we have lost one of the funniest straight men of the 80's. That man is Harold Ramis. At the age of 69, he leaves us with memories of his great achievements such as Caddyshack and perhaps his most well known work, Ghostbusters (1984 and sequel 1989) which he wrote and starred in.

Behind the camera, he directed some impressive films and actors including Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and Robert De Niro in the mobster spoof Analyze This. Other films included The Ice Harvest, Bedazzled and Year One.

As we move on with our lives perhaps we could take a moment to say farewell to a great man who touched us all.

Posted on 24 Feb 2014, 14:18 - Category: Remembering the Greats
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Windows 8 and a nightmare

A friend of mine had a Windows 8 PC made by HP. It somehow ended up in off-line mode and was unable to log in.

After contacting Microsoft and being told they cannot help me and I should contact HP support, I did exactly that. I was not happy that Microsoft would not support their own product though. It sort of reinforced my feeling that they are no longer a consumer product company. Basically a dinosaur waiting to become extinct.

HP was less than helpful. They first insisted on getting information about me, then the serial number, then said they could not help me as I was not the owner, even though I stated that when calling.

As a result, Windows 8 cannot log in and is useless unless I totally reinstall it, risking a failed activation.

What do I think of the new Microsoft? I will NEVER buy any Microsoft Windows 8 product EVER again!

What do I think of HP? I knew they were the worst before going into this. Their products are inferior, buggy, and not worth a penny! Support is even worse! Nothing has changed there. I have never and will never buy an HP product.

Is this your experience? Let me know. You have full permission to quote this article and link to it in any way you like.

Posted on 18 Feb 2014, 23:42 - Category: HP and Microsoft Fails
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ISPs of the past..

How do you feel about the Net Neutrality Rules loss the other day by the FCC? It can be delayed by an appeal and new laws written, but is it too late regardless?

I was once an innovator at a large LOCAL ISP in New York. We covered downstate NY, CT and North and Central New Jersey via dialup, T1, T3 and DSL. We had over 200 dialup numbers. We had three OC12 lines and served up Covad and Rhythms DSL nationwide. I was a part of the creation of Sendmail as well.

Still, our connections were made by the phone companies. They charged a bundle to give us the right to serve you. It was tough, and eventually a losing battle.

As soon as the Internet looked like it would become profitable the phone and cable companies had a field day destroying the local ISP. The telecom act of 1996 slowed it down a bit but never really stopped "innovation" as Verizon words it.

Today we face a tough decision. Should we blast the companies that helped us then destroyed us? Should we accept it and watch the paywall build continue? Should we find another way to innovate and bring back the old Internet with the new features we have now?

I know there is no way to go back. Too much money controls it now. The only way to fix things now is to do another breakup like in 1996 and again, slow things down.

Perhaps some day we'll talk about the Internet like CB radio. Until then we need to fight for what we have left which by the way is more, but less at the same time.

I was there. Al Gore wasn't!

Posted on 15 Jan 2014, 12:12 - Category: Our Online World
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WebSTABLE.Net returns..

It has been a long time since the big dot-com bubble burst in 2001. Many of us were not even on the web then, yet it still exploded like a super nova! The Internet all but fell apart. Things seem to have come together rather nicely since then.

At the time (2001), I was working for an Internet company known as WebSTABLE, Inc. I ran the show. The chief network engineer and systems architect for all that was WebSTABLE. That included some older names which made the transition like Specialty Data and Communications Corp (specdata.com and spec.net) and some new names like spectrumdsl.com which was serving up DSL from both Rhythms and Covad out of Garden City, New York.

Well, those days are gone as WebSTABLE went pop in 2001 when the Internet itself came into question. The question was, how could anyone make money at this? Well, now in 2013 we have proven that many can do just that. There's Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Time Warner, Verizon, Cablevision, Lightpath, Level III, and the list goes on! We've come a long way!

In remembrance of WebSTABLE, my company, Your Data Center Incorporated has procured the domain name webstable.net and added it to the list of many names we have that reflect who we are, what we do and where we are from.

Webstable.net was the parent company website of WebSTABLE, Inc in the day. That day was a long time ago, but if you check it out on the way-back machine you can get a glimpse of the past. It was the beginning, and it was great to be a part of it.

Today, Your Data Center Incorporated does not provide DSL services but we do provide just about everything from network installation all the way up to website hosting, and we now do it from three continents. So, is it time to celebrate? Maybe not, but we would sure love it if you came along for the ride as we sail through to the next big thing. What is that? Check out all of our websites and find out :-) wait for it....

Al Thiel, President/CEO, Your Data Center Incorporated

Posted on 29 Oct 2013, 17:31 - Category: Our Online World
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