Is SEO dead? or is search dead?

Is SEO Dead? We sure hope so! Too many companies scam their way to the top listings in Google and Bing. They pay so-called SEO experts to optimize their websites for top rankings and waste our time as we search for something real. It makes search engine results a waste of time quite often.

The big question here is, does a search engine stand a chance against SEO, or is it the other way around? Do SEO companies stand a chance against the big search engines. Perhaps it doesn't matter at all..

As the online world changes from a desktop based world to a mobile world rapidly, with smaller screens and no place to gain revenue through advertising, what is left? The answer may surprise you. It is email marketing using data gained by your web surfing habits. Everyone reads their email! Even though it was once assumed email would die, it is the last frontier! Marketers are diving in head-first at any cost! Social networking is a weak second to email even though all you see is "like us on Facebook". But wait! Why do they care? To link up with you via email, that's why!

Everything you do on the web gets logged by someone via your browser and via advertising data miners. That is why do-not-track is raising advertiser's attention all over. Can we win? If we do will there be anything left? No one knows, but we will all find out very soon as things get more complicated.

We all need to focus on the small business and the traditional website once again before it all goes poof! The bubble is about to burst again, just like in 2001. We don't need gimmicks! We need real content and real places, not a virtual store! Get off the couch now!

I close my blog/rant entry with one thought... The online market is broken, and desperately needs a fix before it goes the way of the CB radio. Do you remember that? Probably not, but it happened once upon a time :-)

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Chicago is LIVE

Your Data Centr's Chicago website hosting facilities are now live! Get in on a great deal as we open the doors.. Purchase our $8.99 per month website hosting deal with one domain and get a second one registered absolutely FREE! Our site designer makes creating a website simple! Want us to design a professional website for you? Save 50% now during our celebration and our Surf into Summer deals :-) Sign up at then we will call you to help find your perfect second domain which is FREE!!

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New Hosting

Your Data Center has added website hosting out of Chicago.

To order website hosting and or domains, go to Several low cost packages are available. We have the lowest price on .CO domains anywhere!

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Sandy Beaches?

Looks like we're in for a hurricane (SANDY) on the East Coast within a few days time!

Some think that because Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall in the Delmarva area, New York will be spared. Don't get your hopes up! The most damage occurs to the North and East of landfall for East Coast storms. A tropical depression can do a lot of damage all by itself. Now add wind from a tropical storm or hurricane, then top it off with a moon tide of three more feet at the peak of the storm. Add a dash of storm surge from an East Coast wind. You now have a recipe for disaster. With a cold front slowing the storm down these conditions could last over 24 hours as well.

What should you do? With a reasonably good forecast for Saturday, it might be a good day to bring in the Halloween decorations as they can become projectiles in high wind. You wouldn't want your neighbor getting stabbed in the back by your front lawn resident witch, would you?

Things like patio sets, garbage cans, chairs, decorations and even left over tomatoes on the vine should be brought in or discarded. Placing garbage cans in your garage (detached at least) would be a very good idea.

Make sure that any propane tanks are secured and the valve fully turned off. Move BBQ grills to a safe place or your garage. They can become kites in a strong wind, and loaded with propane they are quite dangerous!

Before the storm hits fill up your gas tank. fill up gas cans you might need for generators and even for your cars in the event that power is lost for several days. Gas stations cannot pump gas without electricity.

Make sure you have adequate supplies of batteries, flashlights, water, food, a battery operated radio and a reasonably well stocked first aid kit.

If you have multiple cell phones we suggest that you leave all but one off at any given time. Forwarding calls from the others to that one cell phone will enable you to have spares in the event you cannot charge them for a while.

Think ahead, and prepare for the worst. It usually doesn't happen, but it could! This storm has the potential to wreak havoc on the entire East coast.

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know...

Stay safe, and stay dry!

Posted on 26 Oct 2012, 15:04 - Category: Al's Top News
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Online games put 50 million at risk!

Do you play games online? If so, you may be wide open to a major exploit! Yes... MAJOR!

The Steam games engine doesn't ask too much from the user. If something asks to use it, it gets to use it. Sounds simple... right?

The problem.. If you have a steam engine client installed in your browser, any website can trigger it to run! That and a few exploits can land you in hot water fast! Games like Half-Life 2 Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Nuclear Dawn, Smashball all use the steam engine.

How do you fix this mess? Well, the easiest way other than just uninstalling the client is to disable the plugin when you are not using the games. We highly suggest that you do that.

When will there be a fix? We don't know, but you should keep your defenses up in the mean time.

Stay safe! Read all about security issues on our Facebook page at

Posted on 22 Oct 2012, 10:56 - Category: Software and Security
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