Ray Bradbury, R.I.P.

Tuesday night (June 5th, 2012), Ray Bradbury passed on at the age of 91.

Many loved his books throughout the years. His fiction stretched the imagination of the world, dating back as far as the 1940's.

I remember doing a book report in Junior High School on one of his books, "The Martian Chronicles". He created such a vivid picture in your mind, it simply cannot be expressed!

This week also saw the departure of Richard Dawson, host of "The Family Feud" game show. He was 79.

One by one we watch our childhood and teenage icons disappear. I guess we're next in line. Who will write my story? Any takers :-)

Well Ray, we'll miss you. It's been great! Your work will no doubt outlive us all! Godspeed!

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Drive-in Movie hits 79 today!

Do you remember the Drive-in Movie Theater? Most of us do not. I am about to date myself and say "YES, I DO!".

Today, June 6th, my birthday, D-Day and IPv6 Day, is also the birthday of the drive-in movie theater. It turns 79 today!

Here's a link to a list of drive-in theaters in the United States, and more specifically to New York. New York is my home, and Valley Stream is my neighbor. You'll see it mentioned prominently in this link.. http://www.driveinmovie.com/NY/.

So.. Happy birthday to me, and enjoy the show :-)

Posted on 6 Jun 2012, 10:59 - Category: Odd Lot
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Donna Summer Passes on..

The legendary Donna Summer passed away this morning (May 17, 2012) at the age of 63.

The Disco Queen herself influenced many great performers. So many people grew up with her hits in and out of the clubs during the late seventies. Donna's biggest hits were from 1978 to 1980.

An interesting fact most did not know is that Bruce Springstein wrote some of her songs.

I remember spinning her singles in the clubs (yes I was a DJ too) and watching the dance floor come alive. What a time we all had!

Now Donna leaves us for a better place. Godspeed..

Posted on 17 May 2012, 14:07 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Dick Clark dies, age 82

Dick Clark, one of the most well known people on television has passed away as the result of a massive heart attack this morning.

Dick, who replaced Guy Lombardo for the New Year's celebrations on television here in the States in 1972 was no newcomer to the scene. He was also the host of American Bandstand which started out in the 50's and grew nationally when ABC took the show onto it's network. He was a true legend throughout his career. Dick's name touched shows like the 25,000 dollar pyramid and so many others.

Like the many greats before him, Dick now lives with the stars in the heavens. Dick Clark, you will be missed by all of us. Godspeed..

Posted on 18 Apr 2012, 16:53 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Jim Marshall passes on..

For those of us, myself included, who played in or formed rock bands back in the 70's and 80's, there was one requirement we all had. Get a Marshall amp!

For some 50 years Marshall Amplifiers, founded by Jim Marshall of London, produced some of the best stage audio equipment out there. It was loud, and it was reliable.

Rock N' Roll greats like Jimi Hendrix used Marshall's amps with their electric guitars. The bold sound of the Fender line and the softer Les Paul which appealed to those who wanted a more acoustic sound all were used with the legendary Marshall amps for decades. They are still manufactured and used today!

Jim Marshall gave us his best and brought about an entire era of music by his creation. That era is all but gone now, but the Marshall amplifier will live on forever.

Mr. Marshall leaves this world at the age of 88.

Thanks for the ride Jim. It's been great..

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 14:20 - Category: Remembering The Best
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