The Danish Security Outfit CSIS has just made a public warning. They have discovered that a crime-ware kit has been made available for the MAC OS/X operating system. This means that Mac is no longer a safe haven! Make sure you have good anti-virus installed and that you avoid all those "picture of Bin Laden Dead" links!

Currently the malware kit only works with the Firefox browser on a Mac, but other browser support is expected shortly. This kit is actively being sold, and actively being used.

MACDefender Fake Antivirus has just emerged. More than a threat, this one will cost you! Read the full story..

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Keep safe, and keep an eye to the latest happenings here at Your Data Center!

Posted on 2 May 2011, 12:49 - Category: Bulletins
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LIRR train delays today

LIRR trains on all but the Port Washington Line are severely DELAYED:

Ten out of eleven LIRR train lines on Long Island are severely delayed (read "not really running at all") this evening (August 23, 2010) due to a fire at a Long Island Railroad switching station located just East of Jamaica Station.

It is quite a surprise to find that a single fire can virtually shut down an entire transit system, but obviously that is the case here.

Our high fares obviously do not pay for any intelligent people to manage a disaster recovery plan. They just pay for the big guys at the top to have mansions on Long Island's North Shore and in Westchester County.

Perhaps they'll investigate this a bit and find out why no one thinks this could happen, or even happen again! This goes into the "ID Ten T" (ID-IO-T) files!

Posted on 23 Aug 2010, 16:38 - Category: Bulletins
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