Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey Lately??

Sure, everyone gets in the mood for turkeys this time of year. Especially my dogs! They smell the bird cooking and pace the floors all day long, waiting until that special time when all that work goes into our stomachs and out of sight until next year.

It seems turkeys are big business, and who to tell you about what you should do with your bird... ButterBall! If you have questions about cooking your turkey, ask them. After all, they are the experts. Their help-me number is 800-288-8372, and anyone with any brand of turkey is welcomed to call for assistance.

Some 12,000 calls are fielded on Thanksgiving by ButterBall's 55 workers, and by the New Year, over 100,000 calls are fielded! Wow, that's big talk!

Some thoughts I can share with you include..

"Don't cook the turkey on preheat!"

"Don't thaw the turkey in your swimming pool!"

"Don't roll or throw the turkey across your floor, unless you want it to go through the wall and into the next room that is!"

"Don't expect the turkey to cook in the time it says on the label.. especially if you watch it!"

"Don't say I told you so"..

And most of all, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on 25 Nov 2009, 13:43 - Category: Just-4-Laughs
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Funny Thoughts

Funny Thoughts..

Just a thought... We all know that our last President (Mr. Bush) had a little trouble getting his points across, using incorrect diction from time to time...

I wonder if he actually could tell the future....

He said on many occasions "This is an Obama-Nation that will not be tollerated".

Just a thought.. :-)


Posted on 19 Feb 2009, 12:33 - Category: Just-4-Laughs
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