To update or not to update..

To update, or not to update ever again... that is the question..

This is IMPORTANT! Microsoft will drop support for Vista (without any Service Packs installed) on April 13 and will also drop support for XP SP2 on July 13. That means no more security updates for those of you who are hard of hearing, and lax on updating your computer operating system.

If you are still running these old versions, it it time to go to the Microsoft Update website now. Chances are you do not update anyway if this news seems alarming to you at the moment!

Just do it already!!!!!

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Browser Exploits in record time!

The three major browsers (yes even the brand new as of today.. Internet Explorer 8) fell in quick succession at CanSecWest during the Pwn2Own competition.

The Pwn2Own competition produced similar results to last year. Nothing is secure, and they prove it time and time again at this event.

IE8, Firefox and Safari were exploited in record time.

Internet Explorer 8 was available today as a brand new super-secure browser. It was seriously exploited before many people finished downloading it. Now that hurts!

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A yellow alert has not been issued by since the SQL Slammer Worm surfaced at 05:30 UTC on January 25, 2003. It spread rapidly, infecting most of its 75,000 victims within ten minutes. This is a big one! Pay attention Debian-Linux SSH and SSL key users! This means U!

Direct from

INFOCon yellow: update your Debian generated keys/certs ASAP
Published: 2008-05-15,
Last Updated: 2008-05-15 15:30:39 UTC

by Bojan Zdrnja (Version: 2)

As you can see, we raised the INFOCon level to yellow. The main idea behind INFOCon is to protect the Internet infrastructure at large, and the development on automated scripts exploiting key based SSH authentication looks like a real threat to SSH servers around the world (any SSH server using public keys that were generated on a vulnerable Debian machine – meaning – the keys had to be generated on a Debian machine between September 2006 and 13th of May 2008).

Note: 'Debian' in the above paragraph refers to any Debian-based Linux distribution including Ubuntu.

Scripts that allow brute forcing of vulnerable keys (see this as rainbow tables for SSH keys) are in the wild so we would like to remind all of you to regenerate SSH keys ASAP.

Please keep in mind that SSL certificates should be regenerated as well. This can be even more problematic if you had your certificates signed since you'll have to go through this process again (and possibly pay money again).

More information is available in our previous diaries:


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Trojan Strikes Windows File Sharers Hard!

Hundreds of thousands of links containing a new Trojan in a media file have flooded onto P2P networks.

Since May second more than half a million instances of the Trojan have been detected on consumer PCs, according to McAfee.

The spread of the Downloader-UA.h Trojan is the most significant malware outbreak in the last three years.

The Trojan pops up ads onto contaminated PCs basically turning them all into an advertising medium for Spammers.

McAfee says malware authors loaded hundreds of modified MP3s and MPEGs onto Limewire, eDonkey and other file sharing networks. The files are all named differently, are in many languages, have different file sizes in order to make them appear like legitimate music or video files.

If one of these files is played it will trigger the download of an application named "PLAY_MP3.exe" that blasts tons of ads onto the now-infected Windows PCs.

McAfee ratings: "medium" risk.

No other malware has been rated this high since some time back in 2005!

Watch your backs! This one will no doubt get worse before it gets better!

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Dis-ServicePack#3 is Loose!

Microsoft has officially released Service Pack 3 for XP on Windows Update!

Now you must wonder how in just a week of time they managed to fix the problems related to their open sales terminal and all the drivers and programs that no longer run on this "update". They didn't fix them all!

Where does that leave you?

Well, perhaps in trouble as the update will automatically download and install itself on your computer, and then... well.. who knows?

Microsoft has clearly taken a risk here, and for good reason. Thought: If it can make XP as unpleasant as Vista you may just switch since they both are just as much of a curse after this gets loaded.

Then again maybe they just needed to load a bunch of updates to keep you safe and figured this was the only way to sneak 150mb of updates at you <laugh>.

Well, only time will tell what this magical service pack release will do do/for your computer! It surely won't help your relationship when you have to spend days reinstalling Windows if it doesn't go as planned!

Best of luck!

Please leave us your comments.. Did you survive XP SP3? We really want to know!

Also, please give us a few days to answer you as we're going to update tonight


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