The New iPhone.. NOT 4 me!

A new iPhone???

Yes it is true! Another last year's model is about to get out of the Apple garden, or should I say.. into it!

Here are some of the non-features to expect..

1. Same old weird pricing issues.
2. How much built-in storage do you want?
3. Do you want a spare battery with that... a-hemmm
4. Free case so you can use the phone? Not!

The break down..

Pricing is based upon how much storage you want in the phone. You cannot add your own. No card slot on this baby.

The battery is soldered in. You CANNOT change it. Only your friends at Apple can!

The antenna? Well, same old.. and no doubt you would ask, why? Because!

And because of this I give the new iPhone 2 thumbs down!

Go buy an android :-) The advise of many... including myself.

About the author: An anti-Apple fan. Haven't been caught up in the Apple cult yet. Still have free will :-)

Posted on 4 Oct 2011, 15:07 - Category: Mobile World
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It seems that every day another supposedly redundant cloud service is toppled for one reason or another. Let's look at the numbers... Okay never mind that since there are no numbers!

We keep hearing about how the cloud makes your applications and data more robust, but does it really? All the cloud really does is use someone else's server which you do not manage, sitting on some edge network somewhere, getting older and more prone to breakdowns every day from now going forward. It is new, so perhaps things will be good for a while, but.. is this a model for success? NO!

We strongly suggest that you consider the SLAs and security statements for your data that are given for this wonder-product. Let's get past all the fluff! Is it really a good idea to let someone else manage your data? Is that data always accessible? Is your Internet connection always accessible? If it isn't what is that downtime going to cost you?

Cloud? Nah.. not this time...

Posted on 18 May 2011, 17:35 - Category: Mobile World
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Mobile Apps.. do they work?

Mobile Apps.. ah, what a great thing, eh?

Back when the Internet was young, applications were written to make a particular destination more compatible with those viewing it, and also to save on data transmission.

For years and years applications were mostly forgotten because web browsers finally caught up with the people who used them. Now we have mobile phones with all sorts of "browsers" that translate websites into all sorts of illegible garbage. There are iPhones, iPads, Symbian phones, Android phones, Windows mobile phones, older WAP based phones and the list goes on. All of them have DIFFERENT capabilities and DIFFERENT default browsers which have DIFFERENT limitations based upon the many DIFFERENT devices they are running on. On top of this, many cell phones use a mobile gateway that proxies the web page and resends it in yet another scaled-down format. We also have new "walled gardens" that limit where we can go on our mobile devices in some cases.

Basically, the Internet has taken several steps forward and one large leap BACKWARDS! Now, applications are all the rage trying to solve the problems that reflect upon a new and very under-developed mobile world. One problem with all of these applications is their functionality. Most of them work and somewhat reflect what a particular web page might display to you, but since the real estate is only a few square inches of screen, the developer picks and chooses what information you will get and how that information is sent and displayed to you.

Mind boggling! That is the only way to define this new technology. It is AWESOME, but OLD, but NEW, but WEAK, but EXPANDING, but INCOMPATIBLE, it CRASHES, it is SLOW and it is MISSING DATA.

Have you tried to see what is happening on a Facebook or Twitter application on your mobile phone, only to find data is updated sporadically, and not all posts get to your phone! Chances are you have had these frustrations, yet all eyes are to this new mobile world we live in. All points to this great utopia of found riches and new toys for us. The only found riches are those of the founders of these large social sites. In your editor's view, this new mobile world uses old technology!

What to do??

Go back to your old clunky Windows PC or Mac!

Technology is not here yet, but we're waiting... 1,2,3,4...

Posted on 3 May 2011, 16:38 - Category: Mobile World
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