Drive-in Movie hits 79 today!

Do you remember the Drive-in Movie Theater? Most of us do not. I am about to date myself and say "YES, I DO!".

Today, June 6th, my birthday, D-Day and IPv6 Day, is also the birthday of the drive-in movie theater. It turns 79 today!

Here's a link to a list of drive-in theaters in the United States, and more specifically to New York. New York is my home, and Valley Stream is my neighbor. You'll see it mentioned prominently in this link..

So.. Happy birthday to me, and enjoy the show :-)

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Websites dropping Like Flies

Gmail,, The list goes on and on! What is happening? These high-profile websites are dropping out often lately. Why?

Why is a good question.. and it deserves a good answer.. WE DON'T KNOW!

Every time a website drops lately it is due to some operator error, or a hack that compromised data in some cases like the other day. Most incidents go unnoticed but thanks to Facebook and Twitter the world is becoming more aware of their failures and can communicate them freely.

Are these websites actually going down more often? Hard to tell, but with all of the new cloud computing and redundant data centers, why are they going down at all? After all they want you to buy these services, but are they using them, and are they working? The answer is... NO THEY ARE NOT!

In a few years distributed computing and cloud computing environments will either be all the rage, or all the has-been! Chances the latter will be true as something new will come about to replace these technologies at about the time they are finally perfected.

Isn't it funny how we evolve? You just have to laugh... and live it as it comes :-)

See you next downtime...

Posted on 3 Sep 2009, 16:57 - Category: Odd Lot
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