Jim Marshall passes on..

For those of us, myself included, who played in or formed rock bands back in the 70's and 80's, there was one requirement we all had. Get a Marshall amp!

For some 50 years Marshall Amplifiers, founded by Jim Marshall of London, produced some of the best stage audio equipment out there. It was loud, and it was reliable.

Rock N' Roll greats like Jimi Hendrix used Marshall's amps with their electric guitars. The bold sound of the Fender line and the softer Les Paul which appealed to those who wanted a more acoustic sound all were used with the legendary Marshall amps for decades. They are still manufactured and used today!

Jim Marshall gave us his best and brought about an entire era of music by his creation. That era is all but gone now, but the Marshall amplifier will live on forever.

Mr. Marshall leaves this world at the age of 88.

Thanks for the ride Jim. It's been great..

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 14:20 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Robert B Sherman, RIP

The genius behind many magical songs that live on in the Disney Archives and even on Broadway today has passed on. His name is Robert Sherman.

Robert was famous for his crafting of songs for hit movies and musicals such as Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book and even Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang!

Robert Sherman was entered into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2005 and has received many awards for his work over the years, not to mention pure immortality for many of his writings. He was a true great, and will be missed dearly by us all. Robert's son Jeff confirmed his death on Monday via a Facebook post. He was 86 years old.

As Robert Sherman joins the many greats who have passed before him, we wish him Godspeed and a loving farewell. Robert, your work will live on forever in the hearts of the world over. You will be missed..

Posted on 6 Mar 2012, 15:25 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Davy Jones.. exit.. age 66

Davy Jones, the iconic figure who best fit into a fab four known as the Monkees during the 60's has passed on, age 66.

Davy was the only member of the American group that was actually of British descent, although most did not know this. He carried himself into the band from a career on Broadway oddly enough.

The Monkees were actually quite unique as they were the first group that was literally put together by the music industry. Davy Jones fit the bill so well he led them into stardom both here in the United States and in England.

This morning Davy passed away in his home located in Florida. A formal investigation into his death may be opened but it appears now that he experienced a massive heart attack. No indication of foul play is expected to be found.

Davy, we wish you a safe voyage. May you light up the stage on the other side for all those who have passed before you. You will be missed..

Posted on 29 Feb 2012, 16:09 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Dennis Ritchie dies, age 70

UNIX and C..

No, there is nothing after the letter C! It is a programming language that Dennis Ritchie pioneered. He was also one of the great minds that made UNIX.

The silent giant, who was responsible for just about everything that happened in technology has passed on. The MAC OS/X operating system is built upon POSIX/UNIX. Even the great Steve Jobs would have had nothing to do without the inventions of Dennis. Why even the servers that host most of the Internet are using some form on UNIX. Windows is based upon UNIX too!

What a great man Dennis was. A genius, who was for the most part forgotten by everyone he helped to enable.. until his death. Not everyone forgot him though. In 1999, Mr Ritchie was awarded the US National Medal of Technology - the highest honor a technologist can be given.

Today we honor your memory and your greatness Dennis. Now you WILL be missed AND remembered!

Posted on 13 Oct 2011, 11:56 - Category: Remembering The Best
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Steve Jobs has left us..

Steve Jobs has passed away last evening (October 5th, 2011)

For those of you who have been living in a bubble, he is the man who was responsible for Apple's success over the past 15 years. He took a failing company to unexpected heights, carrying them to greatness.

Last night Steve passed away, finally losing his long battle with pancreatic cancer. His legacy lives on, but we all know that Apple will never be the same. Steve jobs was a mastermind, who made Apple shine. He could sell a bridge in seconds! Quite a man indeed.

We now say goodbye to one of the greats. Best of luck on the other side Steve. We will miss you..

Posted on 6 Oct 2011, 10:03 - Category: Remembering The Best
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