Walter.. on a new flight now..

Walter Fredrick Morrison, the man credited with inventing the Frisbee (the original name was the Pluto Platter), has died, age 90.

Morrison died at his home in Monroe, Utah, on Tuesday.

Morrison's son, Walt, told The Associated Press Thursday that "old age caught up" with his father and that he also had cancer.

"He was a nice guy. He helped a lot of people," Walt Morrison said. "He was an entrepreneur. He was always looking for something to do."

Morrison sold the production and manufacturing rights to his "Pluto Platter" in 1957. It was later renamed the "Frisbee," surpassing 200 million discs sold. It spawned sports like Frisbee golf and the team sport Ultimate.

Morrison and his future wife, Lu, used to toss a tin cake pan on the beach in California. Morrison worked out ways to make the cake pans fly better, then began manufacturing his flying discs in 1948.

He would sell the discs at local fairs and eventually attracted the affections of Wham-O Manufacturing, the company that bought the rights to Morrison's plastic discs.

Wham-O adopted the name "Frisbee" based upon what college students in New England were calling the Pluto Platters. The name came from the Frisbie Pie Co., a local bakery whose empty tins were tossed like the soon-to-be Frisbee.

Walt Morrison said his father is survived by three children. The family is planning a service for Morrison's friends and relatives Saturday at the Cowboy Corral in Elsinore, Utah.

Smooth flight Walter! You will always be remembered!

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The stars are falling!!

Farah Faucet is now with the real angels!

Most people know the name, but few knew who she was. The legend who never won a major award has passed on at the age of 62 in Los Angeles. Mostly known for her amazing looks (at the time) Farah Faucet was loved by many. One was a six million dollar man.. Lee Majors!

In 1995 Farah had a star placed for her on Hollywood Blvd (the Hollywood Walk of Fame). This was the only major recognition she ever obtained.

The other three "angels", all still quite alive, gave their thoughts upon her passing. They will all miss her. That is for sure.

Ryan O'Neil was at Farah's bedside at the time of her passing. They were planning on marriage, but that never came about due to her bout with cancer.

Still, there are three of Charlie's Angels down here to watch over us, and now one up above to oversee us all!

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Ed McMahon passes on..

Ed McMahon was a well educated engineer who somehow found his way into television about 1958. In 1962 he joined Jonny Carson as the co-host of the Tonight Show. That lasted thirty years!

Late night television was never the same after the retirement of Jonny Carson and Ed McMahon, although Ed's face was seen quite a bit after that on promotions and commercials.

Ed had several bouts with illness over the last several years, and his last one in March of this year finally took him at the age of 86. It is speculated that he had bone cancer, but the only conformed information is that he had pneumonia and died from complications.

Ed, it was true pleasure seeing you on television, and we hope you're doing as well on the other side. Keep 'em laughing!

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Pink Floyd Keyboard Player Passes on..

Pink Floyd is now minus one: One of the founding three of Pink Floyd has passed on today (September 15th, 2008) at the age of 65. His name is Richard Wright. He played keyboard for the band, leaving them for a while, then returning in 1987.

Richard played a major part in the writing of five songs from the "Dark Side of the Moon" album which was, and still is one of the best selling albums of all time. He had a short bout with cancer recently, and was unable to overcome it.

Pink Floyd was best known for their 1970s triumph when they released perhaps the most powerful album of all time. An album like no other, which would be in the top 200 albums list for fourteen years! That album was "Dark Side of the Moon". Working with a synthesizer rigged with long patch cords and taking up a large wall, they ventured where no man has gone before, and made it all seem easy. It probably was anything but that in reality though.

Although many of you do not remember the super-groups as we do (we lived it with them), we hope that you lend an ear, and go back in time just once... just once to remember those who made it to the top and made modern music a reality! Without these rock giants we would have missed it all, and never been given a chance to explore music the way we have since then!

"Welcome to the Machine" used a sampling from an old vacuum cleaner and an alarmingly large selection of chimes and cookoos blended with their "electronic music" to produce something incredible, as did their following releases like "Another Brick in the Wall" from their later album "The Wall".

Richard.. Godspeed to you! Play it loud up there so we can hear! Your path through this world and into the next will always be remembered...

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Bill Melendez Passes on at age 91

Bill Melendez: Who was he? If you grew up in the USA chances are you watched many of his creations. I did say many, and that is probably an understatement.

Bill was an incredible animator. He worked for Disney and for Warner Brothers, but his most notable work came from an association with Charles Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. He died eight years after Mr. Schulz, who left this Earth on February 13th of the year 2000. What a team they were indeed! They were pure genius!

Looking back: In 1916 Mr. Melendez was born in Mexico. He became associated with Charles Schulz and began work on Peanuts in 1960. From that point on no one except Bill would ever work on Peanuts! No one!

In 1965 the famous "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was aired on television, ushering in a series of about 70 Peanuts shows so incredible that no one would or will ever forget the magic! Not even Disney!

He was great! Perhaps the greatest!

A fond farewell: On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 Mr. Melendez passed on at St Johns Health Center in Santa Monica California. He was 91 years old.

It seems many of the greats are dying at 91. Is it a coincidence? We will never know, but one thing is for sure... We will always remember what this man has given to us all. Good Grief! 91 years old! Can you believe it Charlie Brown! Can you!

Thanks for all the good times Bill! You will be missed..

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