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In the past weeks we have lost a few big stars many of us grew up with, among them, Shirley Temple.

Today we have lost one of the funniest straight men of the 80's. That man is Harold Ramis. At the age of 69, he leaves us with memories of his great achievements such as Caddyshack and perhaps his most well known work, Ghostbusters (1984 and sequel 1989) which he wrote and starred in.

Behind the camera, he directed some impressive films and actors including Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and Robert De Niro in the mobster spoof Analyze This. Other films included The Ice Harvest, Bedazzled and Year One.

As we move on with our lives perhaps we could take a moment to say farewell to a great man who touched us all.

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Andy Williams R.I.P.

For those of you who grew up in the 60's, remember this.. your parents listened to a singer and entertainer named Andy Williams. Why, he even had a television show appropriately named the same.. "The Andy Williams Show".

Do you remember the "Cookie Bear"? Do you remember the "Andy Williams Christmas Special"? Do you remember his many albums, three of which obtained gold status? Do you remember the song "Moon River"?

Andy Williams passed away Tuesday night (9/25/2012) at the age of 84 from bladder cancer.

We don't all come from that time but many of his songs still resonate throughout the world. His works and his incredible talent will live on forever in the thoughts of those who he has touched. That includes almost all of us.

Rest in peace Andy. We'll miss you down here..

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Victor Poor, R.I.P.

Victor Poor was a ham radio geek so to speak. He was modest, quiet and well versed in electronic design. Victor passed away on Friday, August 17th, 2012 of pancreatic cancer in the state of Florida.

What makes this man so special? Victor was also responsible for the Intel 4004 processor and the 8008 integrated processor as well. These were the beginnings of personal computing, and even stretched into the LEM-2 computer equipment that took man to the moon! What an awesome thing to be responsible for, eh?

At Grummen, home of the LEM, there were many who used Mr. Poor's creations to send man a quarter of a million miles into space and back again. One of them was an old friend of mine, John Pullo, who worked on the environmental systems with the S-CAT team. Oh, the memories and the incredible things we all did to make this world so interesting.

I was in Florida on vacation at the time of victor Poor's passing. He left Florida before I did, but he will never return.

Victor Poor is survived by his wife and his two children.

We will miss you Victor. Godspeed!

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Ray Bradbury, R.I.P.

Tuesday night (June 5th, 2012), Ray Bradbury passed on at the age of 91.

Many loved his books throughout the years. His fiction stretched the imagination of the world, dating back as far as the 1940's.

I remember doing a book report in Junior High School on one of his books, "The Martian Chronicles". He created such a vivid picture in your mind, it simply cannot be expressed!

This week also saw the departure of Richard Dawson, host of "The Family Feud" game show. He was 79.

One by one we watch our childhood and teenage icons disappear. I guess we're next in line. Who will write my story? Any takers :-)

Well Ray, we'll miss you. It's been great! Your work will no doubt outlive us all! Godspeed!

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