Traditional Stores Failing?

Are traditional Stores Failing?

Here is a good question for you.. Did you buy anything on-line this holiday season? How much did you buy on-line v.s. in a department store? Has this changed since last year? Since the year before?

We have seen many reports that indicate a third of holiday shopping is over, and that one in four bought their presents on-line this year (increased from one in five last year).

Are traditional brick-and-morter stores done for? Do they stand a chance against the cheap on-line e-commerce stores like Amazon? Yes, and no! There will no doubt always be a need for physical stores, but their high mark up of over five times manufacturing price may very well be over. We have been seeing a trend since the onset of the recession that is becoming more commonplace than not. That is to find the best price, and when possible get it on-line for less. Unless the stores lower their profit levels per item, we will see an end to all of the malls and all of the big department stores, ushering in a return to small mom and pop stores and local retailers. Since the big stores have to report to their boards and their boards report to their share holders, this will no doubt happen, and big retail will be over forever.

Personally, I think this would be good. Give the people back their small businesses and their local stores. Bring back a simpler world with less corporate greed, and more local retailers. Bring back life as we once knew it before the world of acquisitions and lateral growth. Bring back the small town that actually never had to venture outside it's own little world. Bring back all that we have lost since big government was taken over by the corporations! And while we're at it, give us back the day of rest! We could use one!

Think about it.. wasn't it nice to have Sunday at home with the family because all of the stores were closed? I think so! If you never experienced such a thing, ask your parents and grandparents. They remember! Perhaps some day you can share this experience with your children when things revert back again, and again, and again :-)

Happy Holidays from Your Data Center!

Posted on 7 Dec 2011, 16:39 - Category: The Economy
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Are you the 99 percent?

"I'm the 99%" is the latest craze on Wall Street. What is it? It is the people speaking out against the one percent of Americans who are living large at the expense of all others.

Even Anonymous is getting involved! They say that the NYSE will be "erased" from the Internet on October 10th. What that means is still unclear, but it sure looks like many are getting angry now.

Prices continue to rise, banks continue to rape customers of their money with fees and penalties, and the price of oil is bouncing up and down faster than a basketball in play!

What comes next? Protests, civil unrest, riots? Who knows? One thing we all know is that today's college student stands little chance of experiencing the America that most of their parents did. We also know that the middle class probably will no longer exist in a few years if something is not done now.

Will Obama come to the rescue? Not a chance! He can't! He has to work with our congressmen and senators to make things happen. That pretty much ends his chances of fixing anything at all.

It looks as if the United States is about to go into revolution, just like it did to protest high taxes imposed upon it in the days of it's infancy before it became a great nation. History may just repeat itself once again. This time it will be much more of a disaster though. There will be no winner.

Are you one of the 99 percent? Chances are that you are, and chances are that you will do nothing but stand by and watch. It is not your fault! It is our government's for failing us! Do not blame yourself. Do not blame one person. Blame the whole government. It had to work together to become so dysfunctional. It had all the cards, and it threw them all away! All for greed and profit! It is time we took back our country! It is time "We the people" spoke up!

End this miserable excuse for a government now! Vote in the elections to disrupt the processes that are taking place which hurt us. Join peaceful protests to show that you are not going to stand by and take this abuse anymore. Most of all, have respect for yourself, and for others. We are all in this together, and at some point, perhaps even our government will join us. Let us hope so. Until that time, let us protest in peace, and in numbers!

Am I going to protest? I just did! Your turn... SPEAK UP!

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 14:27 - Category: The Economy
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What is all the huff about?

I keep hearing about the downfall of capitalism, and the end of a wealthy western civilization, but none of this makes sense... or does it?

China is asking for a backup reserve currency to the U.S. dollar. Why? Because Standards and Poors said we are not credit-worthy? Yes, exactly!

Is this something to watch? Yes, exactly! Is this something that signals the end-time? No, definitely not!

Let's look at this scientifically. There has been a major shift in wealth recently. 87 percent of the debt that the United States Government owes is to it's own people. Some one trillion dollars are owed to China. Why is it then that China feels we are not able to maintain our own country when most of our debt is to ourselves? Because they want the entire pie now, and not just a slice of it.

As more and more of our United States corporations shift manufacturing and support services to overseas, we have a one-way ticket to oblivion, if we let it continue. How easy is this to fix? Very! If we make it unprofitable to offshore jobs we would immediately break this vicious cycle and restore profitability to the United States, while also creating more jobs. Simple solution, is it not? Well... almost!

We would have inflation with such a move as the big corporations would simply raise prices to compensate for this shift. Next demand would go down, and finally the corporations would crumble. Not a good solution, but perhaps a start of something we could work with.

Why would we risk an entire economy for such a far-flung plan? Because it would work IF we were able to make the rich a little less rich, and make them like it. Sounds odd, doesn't it? Would this work when our government cannot agree on tax hikes for the wealthy to save the poor and middle class American from disaster? Yes, it would work!

The American dream is to own a home, have a family, vote and have freedom of speech as proud Americans. We have lost much of this due to lobbying, terrorists and greedy individuals who have everything, yet still want more.

Some 400 people have 42 percent of the money in the United States. The rest is spread unevenly among us. How can we fix this? Our government was built upon principles established thousands of years ago by the Greeks. We modified democracy to favor the rich over the poor to a higher degree, but we did it well, until recently. What has changed?

We need to take back our government! We need to have a government that works for us, the people, and not us the corporations! We need a government that cares about it's people again! We don't need lobbyists! We don't need big corporations owning politicians! We need to dissolve monopolies in communications companies and high stakes oil and pharmaceutical companies! We need to do it now!

How can we do all of this and keep the United States a free and ever-strong super-power? By giving the people a reason to be Americans once again!

We need to stop taking away! We need to stop sending our jobs overseas! We need to be American! We need to be proud to be American! We need to be that place the world envies and wishes to be a part of, just like in the days of ancient Greece. The days when people throughout the world wanted to be a part of Greece and experience freedom and democracy!

Demos and Kratos (which together form the word democracy) are Greek words that basically mean "people vote". They are the foundations upon which our precious country was built upon. We need to take back our country and restore wealth throughout the entire world before it is too late!

Greed has no place here! It never did, and it never will! Civilizations of the past all became greedy, and then fell! ALL of them! Do NOT let history repeat itself! We are smarter than that! We are braver than that! Most importantly, we are prouder than that!

Long live America, and long live the modern world, both East and West, which we are ALL a part of! We, the people!

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Stocks Un-tumble ??

Stock prices are rising at a very fast pace today. What caused all the good feelings? Was it the greed that destroyed the stock market yesterday coming back to save it? Probably so!

When the stock prices dropped yesterday there was a sudden urge to buy anything you could while it lasted. That no doubt raised stock prices this morning. On the good news oil prices went up as well. See the pattern? Oil will push down the stocks again and we go back on that roller coaster. How long will the government allow this to happen? Shouldn't we have fixed oil prices? We did once not too long ago, and it worked.

So ends this edition of stocks-in-turmoil. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen... and they will happen for sure!

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Stock Tumble breaks records again!

The Dow closed at 10719.48 showing a loss of -520.29 for the day's trading. That is -4.63 percent of it's total value. I don't put much value in a fear-driven market, but it is a sign of a much greater sickness that has embedded itself in our midst.

Ever since the impasse over raising the borrowing capability of the United States Government, things have gone from bad to worse. Many believe that the United States is about to re-enter a recession which may last for years to come. The world is sure to follow, and already shows signs this is beginning. It may be that this time around we didn't start it, but the echoes will pass throughout the western world and eventually the entire world regardless of origin.

The bigger problem is that the entire Euro Zone is in turmoil. We know the Middle East has been broken down recently. Europe is in turmoil.

There are riots everywhere and flames from lighted buildings glow in the streets of London. Who would have thought?

The United States dollar is worthless, and the only safe haven is gold. Will there be money tomorrow? What does it all mean?

Communist countries are now looking at the Western world and saying "I told you so!". It is true... they did. They said that a democratic world would eventually destroy itself as greed is the driving factor behind democracy. They stood by their values and continued on an even stride, but even their economies are jolted by our declining markets and resources.

There is no way around this. We have to tax the rich to give to the poor and stop over-taxing the middle class. Of course the Republicans in the House and Senate disagree, and due to their arrogance, we are doomed to fail. The rich will still have their billions, and the rest will have nothing.

Did you know that 400 people in America own 42 percent of it's wealth? That leaves 58 percent for the rest of us, which includes ALL of our debt. Since 40 percent of every dollar goes to paying down debt made by our government, that doesn't leave us with very much, does it? That credit card interest rate we all dread is far less than our government is paying to print money!

Who owns our debt? Have you ever wondered? Why are they able to lend to us when we are supposed to be the super-power? The answers are clear, and they are not pretty!

So goes another great empire, just like all those that have failed in the past. Oh America, we knew you well. Oh Great Britain, we knew you well. Oh Europe, we knew you well.

Time to hit the reset button? Perhaps so, and sooner or later some country will do just that. Flash, and we start all over again.

Perhaps God will assist us and save us from our own destruction. Let's pray he does!

Posted on 10 Aug 2011, 16:50 - Category: The Economy
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