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The number of web pages with direct links to your website content is considered an important factor by many of the Search Engines. These inbound links to your pages are vital to achieve a high Search Engine rank.

Well placed links on high-ranking websites can also be a great way to get consistant and targeted traffic. We strongly suggest you consider making some good partnerships with websites that compliment your offerings as well. Don't expect the Search Engines to do all the work for you! A little extra effort on your part will go a long way!

The FREE, and Easy-to-Use Website Link Popularity Tool at Your Data Center can help you find out exactly how much exposure your website really has. This application will immediately check some top Search Engines to get a count of links towards your website.

Just enter your Website URL into the form and you'll have results in seconds! It just cannot get any easier than this!

Visit now. This tool is 100% free!

Posted on 19 Feb 2009, 21:08 - Category: Website Promotion Tools
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