Arthur C Clarke - An Incredible Person Passes On..

Arthur C. Clarke, passed on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 (Tuesday in the States) at the age of 90.

During his life, Mr. Clarke wrote over 100 books and several articles. Most of these were Science Fiction, but not all.

He was a brilliant man with a vision. A vision of the future. Perhaps his most famous writing (but not his best) was "2001, A Space Oddessy". You may remember some phrases from that book or the movie like "Sorry Dave, I can't do that". Quite a vision of the future indeed!

Mr. Clarke made many predictions, some of which have come true. One of those, in an article written in 1945 (in his 20's), predicting the altitude of geo-stationary satellites like those that host DISH, DIRECTV and more, which he entitled "Extra- terrestrial Relays". He was right on the money! That was the correct altitude for something only dreamed about, which became a reality! It will be forever known as the Clarke Belt in his honor!

The one thing he never predicted was his own passing. On Wednesday morning in Sri Lanka, his home since 1965, Arthur C. Clarke passed away at the ripe age of 90 years in Sri Lanka. He went to the hospital feeling ill, only expecting this to be one of the "features" of being an old man. Unfortunately, this time he was wrong. It was his last visit to the hospital. He passed away shortly after.

Let his memory serve to remind us that we are "Only Human". Some interesting reading, including his books and his predictions for the future (through the year 2090) can be found online at

God Speed Mr. Clarke, you will be missed..

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