DSLreports DDOSed

DLSreports is currently DDOS'd-reports???

Since the morning on 4-10-2008, and still occurring daily as of this writing, many people who frequent the http://www.DSLreports.com page have come up with nothing, or in some cases a message saying they are under a DDOS attack.

It seems the DSLreports servers which are a child of New Jersey based nac.net are being pummeled with traffic to bring them down, and currently NetAccess is unable to solve their dilema as of yet.

Many of you are probably saying.. DSL, so what! Well, they are actually quite a good resource for all of us. The reason the DDOS has taken place is unclear, but apparantly it is quite an attack.

We hope that by the time you read this they'll be back online. Although they are competitors to most of us, including yours truly, they are family to many in a way. You see... once upon a time there were only a few ISPs out there, and NetAccess was one of them. We all worked together then. It was a nicer world with lots to share and learn.

I wish we could go back to those days, but that's not likely.

What's your take on the net as it is? Progress or impending disaster? Blog me!

About the author: Al Thiel is an early Internet Pioneer who had a vision. That vision has provided avenues to quite a bit of what you see and hear now in the Internet. Although he's a "Dinosaur" he still takes quite a bit of interest in the new Internet and expects that Web2.0 will NOT succeed due to it's insecurity. We'll wait and see. We expect he's right again as he's been all along! Al BLOGs here at http://www.yourdatacenter.com frequently. He is also the owner :)

Posted on 18 Apr 2008, 9:19 - Category: Al's Top News
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Posted on 18 Apr 2008, 10:03 by Brandon
Happened before
DSL Reports get's DoS attacked a lot. They stretch their opinions too much sometimes I guess. Too much personal stuff in there! Good place to read though.

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