Vista is Bloatware - Official!

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer openly admitted that Windows Vista is an incomplete product (again), even though the OS has been marketed for more than a year.

While speaking at MisroShaft's annual Most Valuable Professionals event in Seattle yesterday, Steve Ballmer offered up that the unloved OS was "a work in progress". According to reports, he also promised that Microsoft would learn from the mistakes it has made with Vista.

"It's a very important piece of work. We did a lot of things right and have a lot of things we need to learn from," said Ballmer. "Certainly, you never want to let five years go between releases."

He officiated "Vista is bigger than XP", but he wasn't referring it's popularity. Instead, he was can-of-worming one of the major issues many customers stuck with the product have complained about: performance.

"We have to make sure it doesn't get bigger still and that the performance and the battery and the compatibility we're driving on the things that we need to drive hard to improve."

Yesterday's admission will be seen by most as bad timing, as it arrived just weeks after service pack one (SP1) for Vista ??arrived??. Well, at least for some Vistites if they downloaded it themselves.

In mid-March Microsoft issued a staggering warning. It included a number of security products that won't run on updated PCs thanks to "compatibility problems".

Earlier in April Microsoft ??released?? Vista SP1 in the ??remaining?? 31 languages. Those versions came out a full month after the service pack first was ??available??? for a select few in the know.

The Windows-Updates version of the download is still MIA.

Microsoft "wants to ensure customers have the best possible experience".

Ballmer also said "We have a lot of customers that are choosing to stay with Windows XP, and as long as those are both important options, we will be sensitive, and we will listen, and we will hear that."

In another burst of insanity Ballmer said "I got a piece of mail from a customer the other day that talked about not being able to get XP anymore, and we responded: XP is still available. And I know we're going to continue to get feedback from people on how long XP should be available. We've got some opinions on that."

Did you know that Microsoft Server 2008 is using the SAME codebase as Vista?? Recent tests show that Microsoft Server 2008 is as much as 18% faster than Vista though?? Why?? And people LIKE the server version... Why?? This gets "Dumb & Dumber" as note and award points!

On that note.. I think I'll hide in plain sight so no one notices that I noticed that MicroShaft is dancing the dance of death!

Most Corporations are saying "no way" to Vista integration, so read the writing on the wall Mr. Ballmer... It's over! Support XP or succumb to Apple! It CAN Happen!

It's a good thing Bill Gates is retiring. This would not bode well for anyone working for Mr. Gates when June comes around and Microsoft share prices go down the tubes.

Just a thought..

Posted on 18 Apr 2008, 14:43 - Category: MicroShaft
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Posted on 18 Apr 2008, 12:35 by Jerry-atric
I'm running on Os/X and it rocks! Who would load that crap anyway! -B

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