Bill Melendez Passes on at age 91

Bill Melendez: Who was he? If you grew up in the USA chances are you watched many of his creations. I did say many, and that is probably an understatement.

Bill was an incredible animator. He worked for Disney and for Warner Brothers, but his most notable work came from an association with Charles Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. He died eight years after Mr. Schulz, who left this Earth on February 13th of the year 2000. What a team they were indeed! They were pure genius!

Looking back: In 1916 Mr. Melendez was born in Mexico. He became associated with Charles Schulz and began work on Peanuts in 1960. From that point on no one except Bill would ever work on Peanuts! No one!

In 1965 the famous "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was aired on television, ushering in a series of about 70 Peanuts shows so incredible that no one would or will ever forget the magic! Not even Disney!

He was great! Perhaps the greatest!

A fond farewell: On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 Mr. Melendez passed on at St Johns Health Center in Santa Monica California. He was 91 years old.

It seems many of the greats are dying at 91. Is it a coincidence? We will never know, but one thing is for sure... We will always remember what this man has given to us all. Good Grief! 91 years old! Can you believe it Charlie Brown! Can you!

Thanks for all the good times Bill! You will be missed..

Posted on 4 Sep 2008, 14:51 - Category: Remembering The Best
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