Energy Prices are Dropping but...

The Winter Heat is on..

Average household heating costs this winter will be 15 percent higher than they were last year. Heating oil and natural gas users will take the biggest hit because of more expensive crude oil and much colder weather this year, the government's top energy forecasting agency said Tuesday.

Heating oil bills for the heating season (October through March), will be up 23 percent at $2,388. The retail price for heating oil is expected to be $3.89 a gallon, up from a what-seemed-to-be-too-high price of $3.31 last winter.

"The projected increase is consistent with higher crude oil prices and projections of lower distillate inventories than last year going into the heating season," said the EIA.

Households heated by natural gas will see an 18 percent increase in costs to $1,010, the agency said.

Propane users will see heating bills go up at least 11 percent to $1,861 and households using electric heat will pay 10 percent more at $947 for the season.

In the 1970's electric heat was the most expensive. What a shock this brings.. and .. what a cost!

It's going to be a loooong cooooold winter! Stay warm, and stay safe! Avoid the dangers of kerosene even if you have to lower the thermostat a few more degrees. We would rather hear you are cold, than burned alive!

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Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 15:52 - Category: Al's Top News
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