Wall Street Pong: Most people who were alive in the 70's remember the ups and downs of Wall Street when things got muddy. The term was bear market, where everything was for sale, and the price was low. Until all the profiteers snatched up their low-cost stocks the market dropped, bounced, dropped a little more and so on.

That is what we are experiencing now, but with a slightly delayed effect as the world markets all bounce together.

Since the banks are now out of danger for the most part, there has to be some way to cause this effect, and the banks have done it! They are still holding credit tight to cause a continued effect. Why? Because they can buy back the stocks they tossed to the wind at lower prices and MAKE A PROFIT ON US AGAIN!

Well, I for one have had enough profit-taking on my tax dollars! They were bailed out, and their futures nearly guaranteed. We need some guarantees now, but we will not see any for a while.

Get out your old Atari consoles!! This game of pong will no doubt go on for a while longer as the elections will keep the world in chaos for this month, then it will take a while for the new President to get his feet wet. It makes you wonder.. was this planned???

Posted on 16 Oct 2008, 17:26 - Category: Al's Top News
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Posted on 16 Oct 2008, 17:29 by James
Planned for sure
[b]It was planned!![/b] All disasters are planned... and all people pay for them, except of course their creators! Let's see who makes the most from this crap!

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