Yapping for 133 years now!

March 10 was the 133rd anniversary of the first telephone call.

It was a test call made between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson on March 10th, 1876.

There is question as to whether Bell is actually the rightful owner of the patent for this magical instrument though. Bell filed his patent on February 14th 1876. This was about the same time as his rival Elisha Gray.

Bell won the patent and Gray lost his big chance for fame. We will never know who really was the true inventor. Another mystery yet unsolved.

Posted on 11 Mar 2009, 14:33 - Category: Al's Top News
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Posted on 12 Mar 2009, 17:08 by ET
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[b]E.T. Phone Home![/b] Who invented rounding up to the next minute? That is the patent I want to challenge!


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