Server Farms Falling Fast

Server farms all over are falling fast!

A zero-day exploit of LXadmin is in the wild!

Cheap Internet hosting providers across the globe are being targeted bringing down hundreds of thousands of websites! This is not a joke! This is real and it is happening right now!

Sad, but true, the "unlimited sites for almost no cost" is costing big time.

Websites are disappearing, data is being breached, and the criminals are making a killing on the Internet once again! When will the consumer learn that this never works! Too many toys written by kids using PHP and the like is a big mistake, and now the bell tolls!

We host our own servers here at Your Data Center Inc. Here $10 a month can still go a long way for a company. The big difference is that we are the hosting provider and we control the servers! We do not resell other people's cheap services ever! When will they all learn... when???

Posted on 8 Jun 2009, 17:16 - Category: Al's Top News
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