Bye Bye Analog TV..

Analog Television is now a thing of the past!

For sixty years television has pretty much stayed the same as far as how it was broadcast over the airwaves. That all changed today (June 12th, 2009) as digital television took hold across the United States.

For most of us this is not news, but some 2.5 percent of television viewers are not ready for the change. Retailers like Best Buy are offering free assistance and installation of digital converter boxes sold by the electronics giant. If by some chance you have a computer, are reading this and all of a sudden have realized your TV doesn't work, we'd suggest giving them a call.. if your telephone works that is :-)

As all of this transpires today, satellite, cable and FIOS customers will continue to get their television uninterrupted (we assume).

Expect many screen format changes, even on the already digital channels as the stations scramble to make this mess as pleasant as possible for all.

Now all we have to do here is catch up to Japan who already broadcasts in 1080P and 2048P resolution, some twenty five times clearer than what we see now in the States.

Attention Obama!! We also need to tackle another problem. Digitally transmitted television signals fade in rain, ice and snow. When they fade you lose them completely, which is very different from analog where it just got a little snowy.

Oh well, maybe we'll just all get used to digital afterlife, or get cable where your outage can last for hours or even days so you can really live it up!!! Get out that old Atari and you've got real retro!

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Posted on 12 Jun 2009, 14:18 - Category: Al's Top News
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