The stars are falling!!

Farah Faucet is now with the real angels!

Most people know the name, but few knew who she was. The legend who never won a major award has passed on at the age of 62 in Los Angeles. Mostly known for her amazing looks (at the time) Farah Faucet was loved by many. One was a six million dollar man.. Lee Majors!

In 1995 Farah had a star placed for her on Hollywood Blvd (the Hollywood Walk of Fame). This was the only major recognition she ever obtained.

The other three "angels", all still quite alive, gave their thoughts upon her passing. They will all miss her. That is for sure.

Ryan O'Neil was at Farah's bedside at the time of her passing. They were planning on marriage, but that never came about due to her bout with cancer.

Still, there are three of Charlie's Angels down here to watch over us, and now one up above to oversee us all!

Posted on 25 Jun 2009, 14:27 - Category: Remembering The Best
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