Holiday Season is HERE!

Cyber Monday kicked off with a big burst of sales between 9am and 10am. That is very different from last year where most sales were between noon and 1pm. The big question is.. how? How did that happen? Is it because so many people were home, so many people were not working but still have some money... or was it that most people just went on-line from their desks at work and shopped!

We'd like to think it was because all of the people were so ahead of their work that it was just fine.. but we all know better than that.. don't we :-)

In any event, the sales for Cyber Monday were UP by 8 percent over last year! Let's hope the economy gets better as a result, and that all of this profit didn't just go to the CEO.

Here's wishing you lots of profit for your business and money for your wallet too!

Happy Holidays from Your Data Center!

Posted on 2 Dec 2009, 18:26 - Category: Tis the Season
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