Dow Jones August equals January

August Equals January??

You heard it! The Dow Jones Industrial average pretty much matches January in August. No gains!

If you look at the daily roller coaster (DJ Index) on a graph you would see just how things have changed, and how they have also remained the same.

There are no gains in stocks and no real winners in this economy. The Federal Reserve has just opted to buy up more mortgage debt from the banks and keep lending to them at near-zero interest rates.

Still, no good news as housing starts have plummeted and lending is at an all-time low. Nothing is stimulating the economy at all, and everything continues to go up in price, although at a slower rate than a few months ago.

We have years to go in this recession if no one steps up to fix this. If the small percentage of profitable big business is not paying for the outrageous gains they are getting we are all doomed. Government needs to tax them if they make money. Get rid of the big business loopholes and get the money back into the economy.

It's time to hold the banks accountable for what they did and continue to do before we double-dip, and get their "business partners" to do the same. No more free rides for those who have the money.

Mr. President... we need our money back! Do something!

End of rant!

Posted on 27 Aug 2010, 17:35 - Category: The Economy
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