Still digging out??

Are you still snowed in??

So many Long Islanders are still sitting at home with their streets unplowed. The big question is WHY?

It this the case on your block? It may be that local government is saying they do not have funds in the 2010 budget for snow removal and nothing will get done until 2011. It may be that everyone who would drive the plows took off on vacation. It may be that someone who drives the plow in your neighborhood doesn't like you...

Who knows????

In any event Long Island and many parts of New York City remain impassable. I suppose it has to melt by itself, eh?

We pay taxes, so why don't we get services? Where is the money we pay going? Not to us, that is for sure. It is time our senators and local governments got rid of jelly bean counters and return our taxes to real use! It is time our local governments stop paying employees that no longer exist, going into a bottomless pit of fraud! ..And it's time to get rid of those blasted traffic cameras that are set up on traffic lights that change to red 2 or more seconds faster than all other traffic lights!! Get rid of the money grabbers now! Get our nation back... before it is too late!

End of rant!

Let's hear your thoughts!

Posted on 28 Dec 2010, 17:12 - Category: Al's Top News
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