Hack-A-Day on your data

Your Bank Has Been Hacked!

I bet you have heard this before! Many high profile companies, banks and security firms have been hacked in recent weeks and days. The list just keeps growing!

Who is behind all of these break-ins and attacks? Some say it is a foreign government, some say it is big crime families, some say it is run-of-the-mill hackers using easily obtainable software on the Internet. Who really knows? The Government does.. and they are NOT talking!

When the government itself has been hacked, what can you trust going forward? Sony, RSA Security, Citibank, WordPress, StartSSL, Sega, Bitcoin, Lockheed Martin, Allied Telesis.. hundreds of thousands of websites spewing viral code at visitors, Google cache poisoning, and the list goes on... ALL HACKED in one way or another! What can you trust?

In reality, you can trust nothing at all! As the Internet matures, more and more protections will be built in to guard the end-user and corporate data. Until this happens, and even afterwards, use credit codes that are generated by your bank to purchase items online so they codes cannot be used again. Use services like PayPal that protect your purchases. Use one browser for surfing the net, like Firefox or Opera, and Internet Explorer only to purchase goods or to visit your online banking (or visa-versa as you wish).

We also suggest getting a good antispyware program, and a good antivirus program. There are so many to choose from. Do your homework, and make sure that the one you choose is as good as they say. Ask a professional what to use as well. All the choices you have will blow your mind.

Different approaches to security are needed in an office environment. Some may dislike these measures, but for the most part, they were put there for protection, not punishment. There is probably little choice available to your company except to block many websites and to limit your Internet a bit. It is either that of risk having all of your data exposed to hackers.

Do the right thing. Make sure to approach security in the online world using a multi-layered environment. The more security checks you have, the better!

Stay safe.. -Al

Posted on 22 Jun 2011, 15:22 - Category: Our Online World
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