Are the Hacks over?

Lulzsec has said openly that they are done with their 50 day tour of hacks.

Apparently Lulzsec didn't just go away though. The new kid on the block is Anonymous! They are not new, but new to taking on the high profile hack game.

Are we safe, and do we have to worry about what has already happened? Well, that is a very good question...

I believe that Lulzsec compromised more data and agencies than they have made public, and they may have a lot stored up for a big bang when we think they are done and have let our defenses down. So are they or aren't they going to go out with a big bang? Time will tell, but for now they are done... and Anonymous is the new old kid on the block.

Keep the radar on deep scan as some group will want to make the next headlines, and based upon just how easy these hacks were... you could be next!

Posted on 27 Jun 2011, 16:11 - Category: Our Online World
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