Major websites defaced via an internet registry!

A small group of major websites were hijacked over the weekend via an SQL injection attack on their net registry! In other words, no passwords were needed! Their domain records were instantly replaced via an attack request that was allowed by the net registry called NetNames due to very careless coding on their part.

FYI: This was done by a group of Turkish hackers.

Does this sound alarm bells? It should!

Here is a partial list of the websites that were targeted..

All of these major websites were targeted. No doubt there were more, but chances are we will never know the full extent of the compromise. We wish it were not that way, but you know as well as I do something has been or will be withheld.

DNS records were corrected within hours, but the damage that was done may be much greater. If you visited any one of these defaced websites you probably lost your trust in them and will not return so quickly. The long-term damage is major even if nothing was done to your computer during the visit to the rogue website.

The bigger question is, was anything done to your computer? Anti-virus software may uncover something, but it may miss some viruses all together. Be safe and scan your computer with several products. You never know what loaded if you have visited the rogue server. It might be a good idea to have an expert take a look at your computer. If you live on Long Island try this website address for help.. This is our company and we will dispatch a technician to your home or office directly. We do this kind of work primarily in the evenings.

How do you feel about Internet security today? Are you safe? Is your company safe? Do you need to rethink things? Chances are you do, and chances are you are now saying, "who can I trust?".

Your Data Center has been doing network and Internet security in the Long Island and New York City area for years. We pride ourselves in our accurate and complete methods that are designed to thwart attacks and stop information breaches dead in their tracks before data theft occurs.

In your office, on your website, with your email or in your home.. Let us help you today! We are HIPAA and PCI DSS security experts.

Call Your Data Center at (516)256-DATA, (518)375-1YDC, (631)479-3345, (212)202-0482 or (877)302-8642 now. We look forward to your call.

You may also visit us on the web at or

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