Is SEO dead? or is search dead?

Is SEO Dead? We sure hope so! Too many companies scam their way to the top listings in Google and Bing. They pay so-called SEO experts to optimize their websites for top rankings and waste our time as we search for something real. It makes search engine results a waste of time quite often.

The big question here is, does a search engine stand a chance against SEO, or is it the other way around? Do SEO companies stand a chance against the big search engines. Perhaps it doesn't matter at all..

As the online world changes from a desktop based world to a mobile world rapidly, with smaller screens and no place to gain revenue through advertising, what is left? The answer may surprise you. It is email marketing using data gained by your web surfing habits. Everyone reads their email! Even though it was once assumed email would die, it is the last frontier! Marketers are diving in head-first at any cost! Social networking is a weak second to email even though all you see is "like us on Facebook". But wait! Why do they care? To link up with you via email, that's why!

Everything you do on the web gets logged by someone via your browser and via advertising data miners. That is why do-not-track is raising advertiser's attention all over. Can we win? If we do will there be anything left? No one knows, but we will all find out very soon as things get more complicated.

We all need to focus on the small business and the traditional website once again before it all goes poof! The bubble is about to burst again, just like in 2001. We don't need gimmicks! We need real content and real places, not a virtual store! Get off the couch now!

I close my blog/rant entry with one thought... The online market is broken, and desperately needs a fix before it goes the way of the CB radio. Do you remember that? Probably not, but it happened once upon a time :-)

Posted on 19 Jul 2013, 1:21 - Category: SEO
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