Windows 8 and a nightmare

A friend of mine had a Windows 8 PC made by HP. It somehow ended up in off-line mode and was unable to log in.

After contacting Microsoft and being told they cannot help me and I should contact HP support, I did exactly that. I was not happy that Microsoft would not support their own product though. It sort of reinforced my feeling that they are no longer a consumer product company. Basically a dinosaur waiting to become extinct.

HP was less than helpful. They first insisted on getting information about me, then the serial number, then said they could not help me as I was not the owner, even though I stated that when calling.

As a result, Windows 8 cannot log in and is useless unless I totally reinstall it, risking a failed activation.

What do I think of the new Microsoft? I will NEVER buy any Microsoft Windows 8 product EVER again!

What do I think of HP? I knew they were the worst before going into this. Their products are inferior, buggy, and not worth a penny! Support is even worse! Nothing has changed there. I have never and will never buy an HP product.

Is this your experience? Let me know. You have full permission to quote this article and link to it in any way you like.

Posted on 18 Feb 2014, 23:42 - Category: HP and Microsoft Fails
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