Three, just a number..

In the past weeks we have lost a few big stars many of us grew up with, among them, Shirley Temple.

Today we have lost one of the funniest straight men of the 80's. That man is Harold Ramis. At the age of 69, he leaves us with memories of his great achievements such as Caddyshack and perhaps his most well known work, Ghostbusters (1984 and sequel 1989) which he wrote and starred in.

Behind the camera, he directed some impressive films and actors including Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and Robert De Niro in the mobster spoof Analyze This. Other films included The Ice Harvest, Bedazzled and Year One.

As we move on with our lives perhaps we could take a moment to say farewell to a great man who touched us all.

Posted on 24 Feb 2014, 14:18 - Category: Remembering the Greats
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