Dangers of Cloud Computing Continue

To Cloud or Not to Cloud. That is the Question!

How many times have you heard that cloud computing is safe? Does it make you more paranoid? Some say "yes it does". We say, "with good reason".

We all know that using the cloud means that your private data that was once on your network now roams the Internet in all directions. We also know that the cloud operators say it is all safe, encrypted and hacker-proof, however, they leave out one key issue. At some point your data will be on a server that is stacked up with other's data as well, unencrypted!

It is inevitable! Data has to be decoded in order to be processed. The level of decoding varies depending on whether you are just using encoded block transfer, or if you are actually manipulating the data as well.

Why would you use a remote hard drive when a local SAN is cheaper than it ever has been. You can store petabytes of data right on your own network. Storage is so cheap and so dependable now that we throw into question why you would want to depend on your single wire to the Internet and a vast selection of unknown paths to your data somewhere out there. Somewhere way out there as a matter of fact.

We think that cloud computing is a dangerous path as anything can happen to your data. It can be lost, stolen, damaged, redirected, manipulated en-route and countless other things can happen when your local connection to the Internet becomes unstable.

Sure the cloud serves us well as a content delivery method, where we can bring non-critical and public data to the end-user quickly and more efficiently, but putting your IT department out there makes very little sense at all.

An hour where your workers are twiddling their thumbs will cost you a lot more than you will save. Things like remotely hosted email where you have no control over filtering and have to jump through hoops to get a blocked email cleared do not bode well for the industry either.

Let's say you run an ESCO where customer contact is required by law, and your email blocks them. If the server were on premises the fix would be instant, but out in the cloud this can take days to resolve. That $11,000 fine per occurrence might burn a little, but perhaps you'll be lucky. Perhaps not and you'll go out of business.

All this because you wanted to save a dollar? We think the cloud will continue strong for delivery, but for real customer service, employee work stability and data protection, the old fashioned server will continue to reign for the foreseeable future.

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Posted on 3 Apr 2014, 11:54 - Category: Cloud Computing
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Posted on 3 Apr 2014, 13:59 by John Fitzgerald
One more gone
Based on this ..

[url]http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/04/02/ubuntunone_canonical_axes_storage_service/[/url] ..

you cannot give cloud storage away!

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