Facebook Advertising??

We've been running a test using Facebook advertising to promote pages and articles for several months.

Here are the results...

1. We did get likes and even a few users that replied.
2. We did get some attention
3. We wasted our money!

This is a very odd time for the on-line entities who are pushing advertising down our throats. They all say that their system works better than everyone else's does, but is that reality or just another story?

Testing all sorts of on-line advertising, including Facebook, Exact Seek, Yahoo/Bing, various advertising networks, blog posts, bookmarking sites, Twitter, Google+, banner advertising and just about everything we found one thing in common among all of them. Nothing returned enough results to justify the payout. Even print ads were not high enough payback on investment.

So, what worked? Surely something must be worth doing? Right??? Yes, there was something that worked better than all of the rest. It was face-to-face selling. Yes, the good old meeting worked best. A little time spent, and there was a new customer, who then told two friends, and so on, and so on. The growth from a personal approach is what really returned a significant gain in paying customers.

Does that mean that on-line advertising is a waste? No, I wouldn't go that far, as chances are that the customers did see the advertising which re-enforced their decision to buy from us, but it surely was not the golden egg.

So, now you know that advertising is good, but not good enough to make everything better. Next time you see a FIOS or Verizon Wireless commercial on TV, think about it. Did it make you change you mind, or just remind you that you have your own opinion. A friend telling you that s/he loved their service might sway you, but that ad? Not likely!

There you have it! Advertising in the new world.. different and yet still the same as it always was.

Your comments are welcome!

Posted on 30 Apr 2014, 16:22 - Category: Our Online World
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